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Hi mileage vehicles for sale in Europe

With the prise of gas sky rocketing I cannot even begin to elaborate on the frustration I feel over this new, never the less, here are some facts:

1) The X-Prize Foundation positions to offer a $25M dollar prize to a commercial organization that designs, builds and sells 10K vehicles that get 250 MPG or more.
2) This prize ferrets out news (at least this was news to me), that VW has already produced a concept vehicle (in 2002 no less) that gets 264MPG.
3) The above information prompts to investigate other VW models where I found what I suspected. In Germany, VW manufactures the Lupo 3L TDI. While most would think that the 3L stands for 3Liter 'engine' it does not. The meaning comes from it's World Record Holding MPG at the pump. 3Liters/100Kilometers OR 77 MPG. Now, here's the kicker, quoted direct from the VW website: "As its name implies, the Lupo 3L TDI makes do with just 3.0 litres of diesel fuel per 100 kilometres, while at the same time possessing the advantages of a car fully suitable for everyday use: four seats, sufficient boot space, good performance, good comfort, and equipped with all the crucial safety features including ESP."

Do I have any takers on why this might be? And, I don't want to hear "safety standards" as we all know the German and Swedish auto industry set the stage for safety standards here in the US.

I suggest we call every goverment officical we have access to and find out why they are not throwing themselves at VW (and I sure there are others) to build these cars here in the U.S.

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